What Happened to Great Disney Villains?

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  • LytaneVS reply I fully agree with you Doug. Disney doesn't create many great villains anymore because they are trying to make them more human and likable but like you said they then just switch to the bad guy side. I would like to see either the slow delve into evil where you follow them into the evil ways before at the end they have embraced the dark. Or they should bring back the delightfully evil villains once in a while just to have some variety. I didn't realise how often they used the surprise villain until you pointed it out. Now while Hades was perhaps the last great bad guy. I did like Dr. Facilitar in Princess and the Frog but he didn't have enough screen time.
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply My favorite villain has always been Cruella De Ville because she didn't want world domination, or magical powers....she just wanted a coat. A COAT!
  • [ – ] Xaade reply They redefined villains to be "misunderstood people". Name me one villain that was a real villain. Even Hans in Frozen is confusing and lacking a clear goal throughout the movie. Fridge logic makes him into a GIANT plot hole. They didn't just give him a surprise motive, they broke his motive altogether.
  • [ – ] duffy reply if you count loki...he was a great disney/marvel villain!
  • Hewy_Toonmore reply Hades was the last memorable villain? Did you forget Doctor Faciliar from Princess and the Frog?
  • WebNoob reply I love how Maleficent did what she did in Sleeping Beauty cause she got snubbed at a party. That's why I hated her movie. She doesn't need to be complex, she's just a crazy evil bitch.
  • jarredjackson reply Dude... Scar for sure. He wins
  • yuuri reply Facilier (spelling?) was good, his death scarred me lol...
  • pokematic reply "The last memorable villain was Hades." You forgot about Elsa. A. She has 1 song about doing something that's kind of horrible (Let it Go is about unleashing her powers without any care for who it hurts). B. She tortured the main character throughout their childhood and teen years by refusing to be part of her life even after she was all Anna had left once their parents died (Do you wanna build a snowman) C. She froze her kingdom and left her citizens to die, because she didn't want to take responsibility for her actions. D. She almost killed the main character once and succeeded in her second attempt (frozen head in the beginning and frozen heart at the end; Anna was dead, no getting around that, she was just brought back through love like Snow White). E. She tricked the real world into thinking SHE is the main character and deserves all the love (walk down any toy aisle and Elsa toys will outnumber Anna toys 10 to 1). F. She tricked the real world into thinking her henchman Olaf is m...moreore important than the main character (Olaf has more toys than Anna, and his own videogame). Elsa is also like the memorable Disney villains you mentioned in that she is largely the same throughout the entire movie (it's only in like the last 5-10 minutes does she "redeem herself.") Up until freezing Anna, she is the same in her mannerisms and tone and her end goal is still "screw you guys, I'm going home." Plus, I still see children dressing up as her on Halloween. She is just as iconic of a villain now as Dracula and the witch.
  • BrassCandy reply My favorite was Long John Silver. He was my first cartoon crush.
  • Arcade-Salad reply very interesting video
  • Techstomper reply idk man Tamatoa was the greatest Villain i have ever seen..though the fact he wasn't the main one was so dumb
  • blindfire reply I feel like Disney really hit the sweet spot with Hero/Villain combos of Hercules/Hades, Aladdin/Jafar, and Quasimodo/Frollo. Heroes were flawed and had to grow, while villains were guys who you loved to hate because they were consistently evil throughout the film.
  • pushthebuttonproductions reply They are no longer attempting to make villains look so villainous. The sad truth is they are attempting to make bad guys look not so bad. AKA its the PR age of liberal BS that is the new fascist movement of making morals look stupid. Therefore what used to be looked at as bad is now being looked at as not so bad. Its getting to the point where they want the villains to look like they are the good guys. It is becoming more of a reality that DISNEY is just a tool of the mass propoganda being pushed on us by the establishment. 666 is in the Disney logo after all and ya can't tell me or anyone that it isn't. Just google it the truth is out there. As fun as these films may be they are also MASSIVE propaganda tools.
  • eluukkanen reply I hope they make a film where both the villain and the hero are interesting in their own merits
  • kwendy reply Completely forgetting that almost all "classic" and "memorable" villains aren't Disney original and (maybe loosely) based on pre-existing characters.
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply One reason why Disney's villains worked because they just were. They were direct and sincere.
    • Fighting_Zenith parent reply I am going to be honest on Up and Wall-E: they weren't very good, and for the same reasons that Michael Barrier and Thad Komorowski have stated.
  • MewChu reply I definitely got Disney's back when it comes to evolution of stories and characters. and can understand the need to pull away the lime light from the villains. the problem is (at least in my honest opinion) , Disney has been making taking away too much lime light. From mere fill-ins like Turbo and Bellwether, to confusing messes like Hans, we're loosing that emotional drive that past Disney villains had. Even when their motives are perfectly explained, they're glanced over cause they don't leave that punch other villains had. How does one see an antagonist you don't truly fear, understand, or sympathize? And how would you feel then about the heroes trying to overcome Villains you neither relate to nor fear? In my opinion, I feel very little, and just watch what I deem an okay movie. that and I flipping LOVE VILLIANS. But that's just my opinion!
  • Hateradetrollingsworth reply They all had an orgy, got herpes and slowly died a painful and agonizing existence. Most of them went to hell, some went to limbo.
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