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  • [ – ] lewren reply Not wanting to disclose where they found it, kinda points to this all being very fake. If he really wants to know what they are (as you claim he does) then he would be eager to disclose as much as possible. People tend to be creative ... Can't remember the name of the guy, think it was at the beginning of 1900 (byg hype) where someone claimed to have found the missing link between man and ape but was later revealed that he had shaped bones to make stuff fit and look real. So yeah, creative..
    • [ – ] lewren parent reply Will still upvote tho :)
    • [ – ] OnPoint_TV parent reply Yea man tried to see it that way too but when I tried to put myself in the shoes of the person who found it, I told myself that I dont think I would disclose the location either. I might want to go back and search the location as well as the area for more artifacts and stuff. Don't you think disclosing the location will bring about a whole slew of people that will destroy the location. Let alone some government agency claiming it and making it private property. I know there are bandits who destroy sites like this but in this case it doesn't seem that hes interested in destroying any of it. Thanks for the comment tho!
      • [ – ] lewren parent reply That doesn't add up. He doesn't want to disclose the location, yet he doesn't want to sell it either. Its not like he's a researcher. If he really wants information he should let multiple independent parties that can study anatomy, biology and archeology do so. That is, he doesn't have to disclose it to the world, just different parts of the scientific community.
        • [ – ] OnPoint_TV parent reply That I wont argue with. I definitely see a problem with wanting to hold on to something when it can make you some money or even change history. I would definitely try to get it out to as many people as I can to expedite results as to what it really is. Honestly, it can be anything...i was thinking that despite being authentic, it may not be of alien origin, but possibly a dinosaur fossil that someone may have found long ago who decided to shave down the nail to make it look the way it does. There could be a ton of possibilities as to what it could be, sucks that we may never know what it really is. Thanks for watching though.
          • lewren parent reply I thought they mentioned it was mummified? In that case, its a process/technique (mummification) thus it could not be dinosaur remains.. I mean sure, it could be something alien, but in all certainty its not. Fun to watch and ponder either way :) Cheers mate!
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