Thank You VidMe for 250 Followers - Q&A Edition!!

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  • [ – ] robindies reply Thank you @TimBabblehump @KinTailFox @MFKraven @EchoWaltz @WARPATH_GAMING @RetroBitGaming @ADuelGet @Calibri_Funtimes @brotherssugoigaming @SFCspectacular and @mintteamew for your questions!! :D
    • [ – ] KinTailFox parent reply You guys are so amazing. I'm so happy for you and mega Gratz on hitting 250 follows. Its so amazing to see how much the community is growing and how well you're doing. Lived the video!
      • robindies parent reply Thank you so much, ahhh!! I'm so glad that I found vidme when we started doing videos, the community here is just so great :)
  • [ – ] TimBabblehump reply Congrats guys!!! I'm glad you enjoyed my ridiculous non-gaming question XD For your next Q&A I will bombard you with even more ridiculous ones :p Also you both look so different with those hairstyles!! Will, let your hair flow man! When my hair gets that long I keep it down for people to bask in its glory!!!! Keep up the awesomeness and you'll hit your next milestone before you know it :D
    • [ – ] RealRebellion parent reply I liked your question, provided that it was serious :) I'd say it doesn't make you bisexual, because her identification doesn't change the fact that you as a hetero male like female bodies. Your question kind of is a paradoxon almost, it shows that gender-identities might be an irrational thing to have? What do you think?
      • robindies parent reply Hahaha, I was having the same thoughts which is why I let Will answer the question because I didn't want to spend ten minutes talking about gender and sexuality :P
    • [ – ] robindies parent reply Next Q&A will just be questions from you 😂 and thank you!!!
  • [ – ] skpacman reply Sorry I couldn't get my question into you in time. Schedule has been hectic lately. Good job, guys! Glad to see awesome people getting recognized in the community!
  • [ – ] MFKraven reply damn @KinTailFox got me with his question but you guys answered perfectly, ALSO I'm totally like @Willyaygames too. Pokemon will always the game ive played for 20 years straight. That Darksiders sequel sounds fucking legit too. I'm gonna check out Golden Sun!
    • robindies parent reply For real though! I keep buying and playing each new pokemon game even though they don't keep my interest as much as they did when I was a kid. Will still goes HARD when he plays them though xD and I'm just kinda like, NEAT, NOSTALGIA!! All I want in life is that same feeling of exploration and wonder that I felt when I was a kid and turned on that first pokemon game. And totally check out Golden Sun!! If you like RPGs you will love it. It's pretty easy to find it for an emulator to play on your computer or phone as well, if you don't want to find an actual digital copy, haha.
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply CONGRATS
  • [ – ] InvertedReality reply Congrats guys, well deserved. You two are just the most adorable duo on here. Including us. That's saying something xD
  • [ – ] galwaybeard reply Congrats guys, well deserved.
  • [ – ] StayandPlay reply Congrat u late puns
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Congratulations on reaching over 250 followers, you really truly deserve it, keep up the good work man Peace
  • [ – ] MosleyBoxing reply CONGRATS!!! You guys have a great looking channel! :)
  • [ – ] KinTailFox reply The answers were good! I agree with Stardew Valley but he'll to me is definitely something like WoW, Anything with much grinding kills me.
    • robindies parent reply Yep, WoW is exactly what Will was thinking of when he was talking about grinding haha. The only MMO's that I've played have been Star Trek Online and FFXIV and I don't really play them enough to get sucked into the grind.
  • VidmeFunDiy reply nice score
  • XboxJared reply Blonde girl is extremely sexy.
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