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  • UkDane reply Richie and Barry Soetoro are the go to guys for info.
  • Astronot reply history repeats itself and the sheeple will buy it all sad
  • Miss-Marsha-20 reply I have 3 young adult sons & I sure hope they don't call up a Draft-- Now THAT would make for some chaos!
  • CASkyHunter reply It sucks that deep down in my gut i know your speaking the truth right now . And me and my family dont even have a gun . We are so fucked . My only question is if this is all planned and if 6 companys own everything then what is the point wasting their money and saying they are going to start sodomizing the sky if theres just going to be a world war and they could of just kept us under the cloak of secrecy and just used military war activity as an excuse or something . Im not trying to disagree with you or anything , i actually followed you over from youtube and i believe in most everything you do , but this is a real question i have because it makes me wonder if there could be some hidden motive i have not been able to think of yet or something. Ideas? RFB represent
  • RIPRUGER reply RFB good move now they can't shut you down
  • BlueRavenUSA reply Reason why I did not Vote....I warned people that TRUMP is a Satanic Freemason......No Rich Man will save America ...Just like Freemason Bush Invaded Iraq....This Reptelian Trump Freemason attacking Syria...I warned about this also and my website was attacked. And I wont Name names but several persons attacked Nathan Leal....and Nathan Leal was correct. But Im sure the FAKE CHristians in the 501c3 churches Blindley Supporting the Terrosist State Israel .....will keep supporting Trump. Yes ISRAEL is a TERRORIST STATE now this Freemason Trump is supporting the Terrorists in ISRAEL ....PLEASE FOLKS RESEARCH the (NOAHIDE LAWS) has Nothing to do with Noah....Noahide Laws to KILL (Noahide Israel Laws to Kill Murder BEHEAD ...REAL FOLLOWERS OF JESUS CHRIST. Total Hypocrisy...of United States....United States is Not Concerned about the Children in Syria ...when Washington DC has some of the Biggest Pedafiles in Washington. Reason why I do not VOTE no more there all Scumbags Democra...morets and Republikcans there all Freemasons Jesuits. The Constitution of the United States if people Research actually takes away our Freedoms Please Read HERE - - The Constitution does not protect the citizens of the United States its only to Protect the SCUM Satanic Basterds in Washington. TRUMP IS DISTANT COUSIN TO HILLARY.....But I guess everyone did not see the VIDEO of TRUMP LICKING UP TO HIS SATANIC JESUIT BUDDIES P:RIOR BEFORE THE ELECTION BACK IN OCTOBER 2016? Also Research NOAHIDE LAWS - The Government of the United States could Care a Rat;s ASS about any of us I say this because They are MURDURING KILLING TARGETED INDIVIDUALS EVERY SINGLE DAY RIGHT NOW THOUSANDS IN IN THE UNITED STATES GOING THROUGH PERSECUTION RIGHT NOW....I AM ONE OF THEM. I PRAY PEOPLE WAKE UP....Thank you Ritchie for getting Truth out.
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