Another Long Laundry Vlog

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  • [ – ] MrJoelDee reply Can I ask probably a dumb but serious question? If you're planning to get out of that house and get your own place, unless it's going to be a good ways down the road, why put all the work and expense into the current place? If you're doing it for your parents sake, I can see that. Just curious is all and had to ask.
    • [ – ] OIHighRollerIO parent reply Well the sliding glass door has really bad gaskets because the previous owners of this house mistreated it as well as other parts of the house such as letting the roof leak and ruin the ceiling in the guest bedroom, punched huge holes in the walls, etc. This house was a foreclosure during a recession so that's to be expected. Around 7 months ago my mother and father spent $1,500 on a new valve for the air conditioner which did nothing. They were considering buying a custom door to replace the sliding glass door which was going to cost $2,500 so I told them to put an extra $1,000 with it and I'll build them a sun room using half of the lanai. Basically I'm getting a bunch of repairs done on this house, not at my expense, so I won't be bothered with anything by the time I get my own place.
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