Vlog #1 - Risking It All

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  • [ – ] CapnMintbeard reply Whatever it is man, you can do it. You took a risk by reaching out to me and it paid off, we made something awesome and as far as I know one of a kind. Whatever this other risk is, you have the courage. Message me if there is anything I can do to help.
  • [ – ] PetePreneurEntrepreneurVlog reply Are you going to be talking about anti SJW stuff or something? Is it the same Jordan Peterson as on all the lecture videos?
    • [ – ] NathanSifuGaming parent reply That is the Jordan Peterson I'm referring too, but no I don't plan on making videos about SJW stuff. The risk that I'm referring to is something that will affect my personal life, but not really things here on VidMe. When the time comes I'll likely do an update letting people know what it was all about.
  • [ – ] Xexor reply I hope whatever it is you're doing goes well for you. Risk is highly underrated, imho. Risk makes millionaires. Risk makes relationships. Risk makes lives. Kudos to you for taking the risk, even if you're forced to. It's extremely important to handle what you need to. I wish you the best, man. I'll be around for sure whenever you're ready again. :)
  • NathanSifuGaming reply I mentioned @CapnMintbeard, @Xexor and @drjordanbpeterson in this video.
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