Al Sharpton Wants to Destroy the Jefferson Memorial: The Coming Collapse of Identity Politics

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  • [ – ] Gilgaearel_Baen reply A nation that destroys its own history without been able to learn anything from this history, destroys its self.
    • DickDitty parent reply True Gilgaearel, Jefferson predicted a civil war and gave a reason for it. Lincoln and Lee fought it as he predicted. But their statues seem to have failed to evoke enough curiosity, courage or wisdom for the average American to come to grips with the truth of that reason. See if this works better 🙂
  • [ – ] Edalwulf_Bergmann reply "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Thomas Jefferson
  • peacey reply Once again, dear Styx, you have totally nailed it! 'Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it'. Those of us who DO know our history, should be sitting back and riding it out, knowing this too shall pass... and I predict quicker than one would expect. 90% of Americans don't truly identify with either extreme, and the violence is mostly just orchestrated. But this time they've gone to step 5 long before step 3 was even completed. (Destroying symbols of history before having decimated the Constitution properly... Pfft - amateur fascists if ever I saw any. No foresight at all lol). All this just shows how truly terrified the "establishment" is right now. In other news, popcorn shortage in most states in the U.S. heh.
  • MGTOWLIFE reply I've been saying the same thing for the last year, protect your family.
  • ocean589 reply I try and watch on here before YT
  • Cyriu reply I agree with you Styx, we need good ol' Americanism now more than ever.
  • FuerchtegottGellert reply They are desperate and will false flag him.
  • [ – ] TheShittingChair reply It won't stop at Confederate statues. They'll come for other monuments related to history.
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply Al Sharpton is such a joke. I remember when he was running for president and he couldn't keep up with the political deboggle. Lol.
  • knowitalltoknownothing reply Does he want to put up a statue of Tawana Bradley in Jefferson's place? Jefferson for all of his faults, and they are major, wrote the very documents that inspired the patriots to risk their lives to give us this country. He is an intellectual hero of many in this country. If he wants to play this game, let's ask: Why does nearly every single city of any size in this country have 2 streets named after well-known philanderers, MLK & JFK? Clearly serially cheating on your wife is a huge moral fault. Should we tear down those statues and rename those streets? These statues are really just places in a park for birds to take a shit on - that's all I've ever seen them as.
  • StolenMoment reply Responsible governments create the future. Tyrannies create the past.
  • Tigerblu reply This is not about Confederate Statues it's about moving onto founding father's statues making them a sign of hate and racism. Once accomplished the Constitution written by these people will come under attack for it was written by evil people. Then final results the end of America. Wake up people the founding fathers statues are already being called to be taken down. Read up on this it's been written about, the agenda is to change the Constitution itself.
  • [ – ] PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast reply I don't understand how people can actually take anything Al Sharpton says seriously. Apparently, they do though...
  • xloscape reply Al Sharpton ain't shit.
  • Tangara reply Al Sharpton. Pimping, Heroin.
  • [ – ] RouteDog reply It's time for a new American party lose the Dems and Repubs labels and join the Pirate Party of America. We will steal good ideas from anyone. The RouteDog A Pirate 971) 813-4812
  • Phobos_Media reply PRAISE KEK. Never forget that WE IN THE CENTER are the majority, no matter WHAT both sides want us to think. FUCK THESE OVEREMOTIONAL KNEE-JERKING NORMIE SCUM.
  • Alpha_Double-Plus reply Goodbye Wedgie Left. Oh how I hope you are right about this!
  • Bonanny reply The only thing these freaks ever accomplish is ensuring law enforcement gets even more militarized.
  • Alternatekek reply If they start removing founding fathers than we truly will reach a tipping point of our social narrative. The MSM media is creating civil war and its disgusting seeing useful idiots feed into it.
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