Berlin Gender neutral Urinals (WTF)

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  • [ – ] 2016KathyBates reply Greetings Sowhat - please take some time off and watch the video in the link which I will paste before, this is a serious conversation by a well respected doctor and ian crane who gives conferances. I am afraid the social experiments in Germany have progressed much further than even you may realise. Quite frankly I am a little disturbed by Germans if they actually don't do anything about this
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply Yes, in most cases vaccines are more harmful than beneficial. Ande it leads to severe neurological problems, and can even be fatal. Thank you for this link.
      • [ – ] 2016KathyBates parent reply Did you watch the whole video because I was not talking about vaccinations?
        • sowhat-vidme parent reply I watched it from the time stamp on that was given, from round about 42 minutes into the video. I could not watch the whole video yet. I think that it was either a terrorist attack in Spain or the one in Finland that I wanted to make a video about. That is why I could not watch it in full length yet.
  • [ – ] Pewdhhhhhh reply Have you ever seen women piss? I have. There are going to be a lot of fancy shoes ruined by piss running down sexy legs!
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