VIDEO GAME Summer Backlog Challenge | Are YOU in?

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  • [ – ] TheCynicalCypher reply I believe I actually have beaten or completed all the games I own. Not trying to brag, but that's mostly because I believe I only bought two or three games last year. Now I'm pretty well occupied with Overwatch and Destiny. My movie backlog, on the other hand, could certainly get some love. I swear for every one I watch, I get two more. So I guess I'll be venturing into my own challenge of a similar sort. Hope you enjoy this challenge!
    • [ – ] EpicJC parent reply I used to be like that because I had few games way back in the day so I'd end up completing them.... but a lot has changed since then. How many movies do you think you have backlogged? And thanks, bro! First video related to the challenge will go up tomorrow.
      • TheCynicalCypher parent reply After counting, approximately 47. Damn, I should get to watching these movies, lol. Probably just taking a while since I try to watch the deleted scenes and then the commentary tracks and such.
  • NicoleJeanette reply You can't even imagine how many games I have on Steam that I haven't even played. For the Summer Backlog Challenge, I started with 6 games from the backlog and have already completed 1 so I'm hoping to tackle 10-20 games if possible this summer.
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