YouTube Getting Rid Of Its Editor

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  • [ – ] euanaustin reply I believe it is part of YouTube's move to replace TV, along with their stricter censorship. Whilst there are other editing softwares, and someone will probably emulate YTs after it is taken down, is there any rational explanation as to why YT plan to remove the editor unless they planned to limit low/no budget content creators?
    • [ – ] aaliyah_holt1995 parent reply There are other editors but mosr require a high end PC to run, which some people, like myself, can't afford at the moment.
      • [ – ] euanaustin parent reply Here's to hoping someone emulates YT editor for free or Vidme gets a free editor! :)
        • Badger_Wild parent reply I use the Playstation SHAREfactory works wonders if ya play around with it I started a michinema vlog about my progress thru the M.C. and businesses in GTA5.
    • [ – ] Badger_Wild parent reply Yup there's more going on than that now they're saying if your video is striked you must first reach 1000 views of said video in 28 days to "qualify" to have your video looked at by a commit to even see if you where wronged by youtube. In essence your guilty till proven innocent. By the way welcome to vidme folks home of free thinking creators.
      • [ – ] aaliyah_holt1995 parent reply I better hope my gaming videos don't get hit, they barely get views as it is, and they won't make it to 1K views
        • Badger_Wild parent reply Count yourself lucky my entire channel has been blacklisted some how I'm still growing but my growth and sub count has been slowed greatly. We as creators have to support and help each other cause youtube is going to start fighting us the whole way
  • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically reply I think YouTube is just not the small place for creators anymore.
  • ITSnippets reply I think its alll about no one really using it With free editors like Resolve (which I use, no watermark, 1080p) its really not that good. Removing annotations is because people kept using them wrong.. Full screens covering the video etc. Bad content creators are to blame
  • YobeTech reply I never used the editor but I think it was a good thing to have. I felt bad deleting annotations when I put in end screens. lol
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