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  • RumIsHealthy reply I hope you are not going to abandon vidme channel now
  • ACCEPTTT reply It's an Atheist miracle
  • TrumpX reply Congrats man, I guess. It's a dying platform.
  • White_Sturgeon reply Suspicious. Anyway, I'd buy a 'white male' shirt in every color if you would take that stupid ass symbol off the back. I don't want any triggered SJW's sneaking up behind me if you know what I mean. I want to see them coming haha! Also, I want to father your next child- I think you would raise him better than me. Thanks and congrats on your channels (unless it's some kind of trick).
  • malphius reply That's awesome man, congrats. I wouldn't stay married to YT though. Try to get those 80k on your main re-engaged and move them to Vidme and patreon. It's going down bad on YT. Total shit show.
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