Baron Reviews: Opeth - Sorceress

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  • [ – ] Roamancing reply Always enjoy your music reviews.
  • [ – ] Fenrox_ reply I definitely feel the same way about In Flames' recent works, that they can be considered good metal albums, but not good In Flames albums. Personally I think the last good In Flames album was Come Clarity. The new stuff sounds too generic. Opeth's Blackwater Park & Ghost Reveries are albums that I feel need to played from front to back uninterrupted. I can't just pick one song to get the whole experience. They're some of the best records ever written. I would say I even have a soft spot for their Damnation album as well. Heritage, sadly, I did not resonate with at all. lol I've been out of the loop since then, but if you say Sorceress has gone back to being a little heavier, I think I'll give it a listen. Now that I think about it, you know who's running a real hot streak with their last three albums before Death Resonance? Soilwork. Cheers.
    • [ – ] BaronMan parent reply The heavy stuff is similar to the beginning of Harlequin Forest just before the death growls. I've enjoyed both Heritage and Pale Communion but they aren't my go to albums when I want ri listen to Opeth. Still Life is my favourite album of theirs and Damnation actually ranks second for me. Although it's all soft it still sounds like Opeth.
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