Does Prison Work?

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  • KingRajTheWise reply Norway doesn't have a large population group, who have a dysfunctional family system and a gang culture.
  • JFQ_Channel reply Just discovered your channel. Great stuff man!
  • SylvesterSan reply There is something you overlooked in the video. Breivik was locked away in solitude. It was no paradise for him I must say.
  • SylvesterSan reply Excellent work Thoughty2. I have shared this on social media and told other people to share it as well. I hope other people do so as well.
  • ZeroBudgetProductions reply Agree 100% but we need another solution
  • crua9 reply I never understood how is putting someone in timeout will change someone. Telling a child to go to the corner doesn't fix the problem, sticking someone in jail I actually hope the USA learns from Norway, but private systems won't allow it. AZ literally got sued for not having enough people in jail
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