Canadian Police TARGETING POT ACTIVISTS and LYING about it

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  • Crockie reply Like when their trying to prove how effective they are stamping out the demonic pot smokers and their evil drug that causes everyone to become murdering psyco's?? yeah and I thought Australia was twisted...
  • MadInfoWarrior reply Here is what National Institutes of health says on cannabis: We create reality with our minds. The world changes when WE change it. Let's make it better!
  • wolfalexzemla reply islam does not allow pot. stop the muslim invasion befor all your freedom is gone. research what islam is about and their invasion plan if you dont want to pray 5 times a day to mecca
  • [ – ] Crockie reply I was led to understand that Canada was pretty cool with pot...just goes to show how full of shit government has become
    • DanicaLee parent reply In theory. Like I could walk down the street smoking a joint and not be arrested. But they go hard when its convenient for one thing or another.
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