Quick Tip Regrow Your Organic Veggies & Bottled Water Tip

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  • CatPaws reply I used to buy 24 packs of bottled water at a time..but like you, was overran with plastic bottles. For Christmas a few yrs back, my mom got me the 'Pur Water Filtration System' and the filter attaches to the sink. It has a green, yellow and red light. When it turns red, you replace the filter (at $20 bucks a pop) and I couldn't believe how fast that sucker turned red! After barely 3 months! Replacing filters every 3 months gets pricey for me. Right now I buy Ozarka water by the jug instead of individual bottles to help scale back on plastic pile-up.. Would like to look into some other options though.
  • CatPaws reply I've heard you can do this with garlic and onions (yellow, white, red) too. I REALLY need to start doing this. I use a lot of both. I usually can't use all my garlic up before it gets icky. When it starts to sprout, I usually pitch it. I'm going to try this instead! Thanks for the reminder!
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