The Secret To Becoming A Successful Content Creator

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  • Ms_K reply awesome advice, yes u gotta enjoy what u do.If you enjoy it then other ppl will your content as well.
  • WeirdestNews reply Upvote this video If this video got you ready to take over the world!!!!!
  • [ – ] EddiesLife247 reply Great video here, really shows the difference between past and future with confidence.
  • [ – ] NadiaDW reply So true with video making & life!
  • [ – ] billmarion reply Confidence! Yes! I agree! But I need a new camera too! lol Love the video!
  • ShyArmy reply this was awesome bro! thanks
  • Brannie reply Will take time for me to get myself out there, not to necessarily be successful, but to entertain people and be who I am :)
  • whako reply Good video man, if you enjoy what you are doing then you will succeed.
  • [ – ] jackye reply Thank You so much for making this video.❤I meeded to hear this.❤😊
  • Galactikplays reply I think this is a great message! There's nothing wrong with making a character on camera. As far as confidence goes, it grows with each video you make. I can look back at the first video I put up on youtube and I can see how nervous and stiff I was. Now I feel more natural but still have more to learn. The important thing is to try if making videos is something you want to do, if you don't you won't ever get anywhere. Great message dude!
  • The_Average_Kid reply While I'm a smaller Content Creator both on and YouTube I can say without a doubt that having confidence in your creations can go a really long way. I would keep telling myself that I could never make videos as good as the bigger creators, but once A started to gain some confidence in my content I've started to gain myself a small yet loyal following.
  • [ – ] GermanMadman reply This video was great. I've watched quite a few videos like this but you bring some new ideas to the table. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  • [ – ] geordieprepper reply Great advice man.
  • [ – ] WonderfulDraws reply I believe myself and I believe in you
  • SamEarl13 reply Quite a good video, definitely had a few tips other people seem to ignore.
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply I'm a jackass, would that make for good content? I mean, people sometimes gather and watch me when I make a jackass of myself in real life. So, I wonder if it would work on camera. I mean, I wouldn't call it confidence so much as a lack of common sense or manners. Do people like laud jackasses that say awkward things in public forums?
  • [ – ] Elemonator reply Exceptional advice man very inspirational
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Hey, that was informative! I feel you really nailed it. Thanks for making confidence sound so attainable. Good job!
  • Howesenberg reply Negative feedback is often the worst thing for smaller channels such as myself because you receive only a few views and when you receive a thumbs down, your instinct is to feel hurt by it but one thing to bear in mind is that on YouTube, dislikes are anonymous meaning that people will feel more inclined to dislike it with no comment to back their decision. I have come to the point where any feedback including dislikes is a good thing because it helps you to understand what people do and do not like to see. You are right in saying just be confident within yourself, there are people out there who will like what you do, just allow time for them to find you.
  • GoMGTOW reply So... You want to know the secret to becoming a successful content creator?..... DON'T BORE ME.
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