Why Americans Don't Vacation Abroad, Pokematic Podcast

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  • Naturenerd1000 reply Agreed. Each state has it's own unique culture and geography. Each state is practically it's own country.
  • [ – ] Abyss52 reply I don't mean to be offensive but you are being very ignorant there are so many different and unique cultures across the world that differ greatly from the cultures of the United States. And if you live in a country which is a member of the European Union you don't have to show your passport if you go from one country in the union to the other. And most countries in the European union all use Euros so in a way the European union acts as a country but isn't. But besides Europe there are many more things to see in this world.
    • [ – ] pokematic parent reply None taken, and to continue with the no offense, I think you missed the point I was trying to make. I'm not saying "don't travel abroad," or "there's no reason to venture outside the US," just trying to explain why many Americans never feel the need to travel abroad and how it really isn't all that weird if you consider all there is to do here. I know there's a wide world of cultures and experiences outside the US boarders, but there's also a wide world of cultures and experiences inside the US boarders, and it really isn't all that weird to say "well I'll just explore the US before I explore elsewhere." Traveling within the EU I would assume is very similar to traveling within the US. There are probably many people that have never left the EU for much the same reason as others have never left the US.
      • Abyss52 parent reply I understand now what you are saying but I can't help but feel like you come across as ignorant in the video.
  • [ – ] Abyss52 reply Did you say India has stonehendge
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