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  • [ – ] KingFishOcean reply saw this trending yesterday and seen the video too. its gotta be xavier in the vid and Brad. no doubt. but not sure if it is paige only because we never see her face in the video. Either way I will never look at xavier the same again...
    • ByteThat parent reply Yeah, we shall see if we can see them the way we used to in a couple of months, but for now it's a little awkward.
  • [ – ] thtguyoverthere reply What I want to know is, if Paige is engaged to Alberto del rio why does she still have these videos of her banging Xavier and Brad?
    • ByteThat parent reply Depends on how her phone was hacked. Could be a backup or maybe even an older phone she had. It is odd.
  • [ – ] TheCynicalCypher reply As I mentioned before, this is pretty unfortunate. I can't imagine having your privacy stolen like that and I can only imagine what the people involved must be going through. I know she hasn't been making the best of decisions recently, but hopefully this might suffice as a wake-up call, even if a very harsh one at that.
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