FLAT EARTH - Beyond the Map

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  • jmaine reply Definitely one of the better video makers. I've watched all of his videos. In regards to google maps concealing parts of the earth with patches, a YouTube channel called Am Arok has a video how they have concealed what is happening in Alberta Canada. They are using the lakes and rivers to separate the tar sands there. The place looks like a desolate waste land and they are covering it up with patches to conceal what is really going on there. It is quite obvious we are being lied to about everything. It took me very little time to believe flat earth or as I prefer earth realm. It is obvious they are putting controlled opposition in place in flat earth trying to control the narrative. Drugged and poisoned from birth fed a diet of lies, indoctrination and fantasy in a place where greed, apathy and indifference reigns.
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