Race Mixing from a Mixed Race Guy

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  • laviathan reply Here here. Race seriously doesn’t make a difference. I’m a WHITE MALE! And most (not all) of the people I’ve been with don’t share the same skin colour or birthplace or other things. The subjects around racial differences in advantages and otherwise should be understood and not denied, but at the same time, I mean, I’m a sapiophile.... so I wouldn’t be attracted to any of the people I have been if not for the fact they have a level of intellect that shows as notable in contrast to the rest of the crowd. Individuals are individuals. and the ‘not all’ argument, is for 6 year olds. Some things go without saying. Keep up the great work bud. 👍👍
  • amongHpigeons reply I'm of mixed race too. Chinese mother, British father. I've never paid too much attention to my racial background apart from in the dating world. I obviously look Eurasian and know my looks appeal to some and not to others. Otherwise I just live life as me. I find the left's obsessing with race a bit pointless and very tiresome. If I focus on race then I belong to two different racial groups, whilst not completely belonging to either. It's not held me back in life. I'm in the West. If I lived in China people would constantly remind me I am of mixed blood. I don't need reminding lol.
  • Shimeran reply I'm with you. I'm in a mixed race household myself, as is my brother. I honestly don't give a rat's ass about any notions of racial purity. I just want individuals treated fairly without this weird original sin mentality that's being pushed these days.
  • whitezombie reply Are you coming out as an alien hybrid? If not fuck off I don't want to hear it. Mixed race means human and something else. Seriously? you telling me skin tone makes you a different race? Are you fucking trolling me? Oh! I get, it humble bragging. Like sjw virtue signalling. I am so brave so cool. Mate no need for that I follow because i like the way you present the stuff you present.
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