Trump Plans to Shut Down the Government

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  • [ – ] BrokeMansPC reply The goverment keeps regulating and taxing everything we do. Now they are even planning to shut down free school lunches and even regulate and control the internet! Fuck that! Kill the goverment and let the people decided whats best for people!
  • BrokeMansPC reply Let him freely shut it down. At least we wont have idiots trying to wreck our society
  • thebergefrancis reply I think this is a good thing to happen. The governement is almost fully corrupted. I hope he really does 😉
  • DeviousOrange reply You happen to have this source... how?
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply You're exactly right. Spain never had a gvnt for half of last year and it produced the country's best growth in a long time
  • nodetact reply Government assumes to equate to governing commendment, which is of course over its citizens and national maintenance as well as a regulation in what can be done and what is owed. When it all comes down to it, I hope I don't sound like a criminal mastermind when I claim just how possible it may very well be to exist in a timeline without our government as a "main protagonist" factor in our American society. If and whenever executed, this is still huge news that will surely break into headlines, but if you have to say things like "no government, no USA", you are the reason the entire freaking globe ineptly taboos and discourses even small alterations.
  • JohnnyAppleseed2 reply I wish we could have shut it down during Obama's term. We could have saved TRILLIONS!
  • [ – ] critterbreeds reply want something bad about government shutdown? ok how about when it shuts down everyone on social security doesnt get paid until the government opens up again? the longer the shutdown the longer disabled people go without money. some of those people rely on that money to pay their bills. OMG WHO KNEW. so yeah thats bad.
    • [ – ] Charlton parent reply Socal Security (Disability is part of Social Security) checks go out during a shut down. I'm sorry but this is the silly stuff that dems (I mean the politicians, not you) tell people like it's gospel and THESE POLITICIANS including Obama KNOW IT'S NOT TRUE. It's all a PR war that dems have won in the past, or at least that's what the MSM tells us.
      • [ – ] critterbreeds parent reply tell that to the social security office that held my checks twice during obamas regime. during the shut downs i didnt get my check for weeks after i should have and only did get them after they sorted their budgets and opened the government back up. now either the shutdown stopped payments or the shutdown gave SSA an excuse to delay the payments. either way my bills were late because my checks didnt arrive on time
        • JohnnyAppleseed2 parent reply I remember that- and what happened in that situation was; that the Obama engineered a provision (they even had a name for it, which I forget now) that included many entitlements and things like the National Parks Service etc. being delayed in case of a shutdown. OBAMA and THE DEMOCRATS DID IT in order to force the Republicans to vote for Obama's Omnibus budget which they did not want to vote for. So when it was voted down the 1st time, the Demos used it as a POLITICAL WEAPON to blame the Republicans for things like SSI being delayed, etc. But normally, that would not be the case. BTW- Trump was very adamant during the campaign that even tho he would cut back on entitlements, he would not stop Social Security.
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Trump doesn't have permission to shut down the government, so it won't happen. As much as I don't like the way the government operates, a lot of people depend on it for their livelihoods. Also, the dominant elite can create too much trouble if they are given the authority to mess with the status quo. They are already itching to pull the system apart and remake it in a way more favorable to them. Currently they are bound by a lot of tradition and fear of making a mistake that will cost them, and some other things. The stability of the government also affects markets around the world. Hastening financial collapse doesn't feel like a good thing at this point. Those are my current thoughts on the subject. I understand your desire for change, however, Charlton. We're all looking forward to some positive developments. We'll get there. It's coming.
    • [ – ] Charlton parent reply I understand the President can't just shut down the government. That's not how it works. I was kinda just being a smart-alic. When the law requires that congress pass a new operating budget, and both sides cant agree and they fail to pass a new budget, and there are no new funds authorized allocated etc, a shut can ensue. But your point is well taken. Lots of people do depend on the gov for their livelihoods, but honestly a gov shut down is like a paid vacation for them. They end up getting reimbursed in the end. They do. If I were a gov employee I would pray for a shut down, just so long as I had money to hold me over until I received my reimbursed checks. There is more, but I dont have time. And as always I enjoy your thoughts and very kind words about me. They've lifted me up when I needed it. Thanks. Charlton
      • JohnnyAppleseed2 parent reply This is an age long debate- (Not to take away from the fact that there are many people who are genuinely disabled and many people who have paid into SSI) BUT- have we conditioned too many people to always look to the Government as the only solution to their financial needs? Regrettably, I was on the Foodstamp program for a while, and I did have some minor difficulties, but looking back, I realize and admit that I could have and SHOULD HAVE done better for myself. At the time, I had a bad attitude and was irresponsible to a large degree and I decided to take the easy way out. But now, I work harder and longer, but I have much more self-respect. Also, I will say that things started to change for the better when I started tithing 10% of my income to God's work. I know some people may have difficulty, but we need to gradually scale back SSI and other entitlements. imo
  • [ – ] Aaronshy reply Not sure if bad but Trump might get fired for attempting to get rid of his bosses.
    • [ – ] Charlton parent reply Bosses? We don't need no stinking bosses. In all seriousness, federal government employees (2 million) are citizens too, but that does not mean they can fire their boss, the President.
      • [ – ] Aaronshy parent reply Thing is the goverments the real thing in charge of everything. Every law every paycheck everything. They are why the president even exists. As I said I'm not sure it's bad for trump to attempt it but there's bound to be backlash from it in some way.
        • [ – ] Charlton parent reply Agreed. Still at this point, I relish the backlash. I'm not even a complete trump person. I like him sometimes and other times I think he's silly. But he gave everybody in Wash DC what they wanted in the last budget dems and repubs, and for what, for nothing if you ask me. We'll see in Sept when the CR Continuing Resolution ends, but I say shrink the budget a lot or fuck it, shut down it and let it get nasty.
          • Aaronshy parent reply I certainly see your side. I won't say I feel safe with Trump since I'm one part Spanish and have aspergers and he seems to hate both Spanish people and people with disabilities but it will be interesting to see the government react.
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