#RegressiveNews: The Moral Degeneration of the Left

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  • JadeJicama reply I hate it when people say 'we need to show children porn!' because I know they don't know about Dr John Money and his subject Joan. In short, Joan had a botched circumcision while a baby, which lead to having his penis burned off, and Dr Money decided to raise the child as a girl as an experiment to prove Nurture was stronger than nature. He made Joan look at all sorts of porn to make her believe she was interested in men. Spoiler alert: Nope, not even close. Joan exhibited traits that landed her squarely as male, throughout her formative years. Long story short, Joan found out in her later life what had happened, and transitioned back to male, only to kill himself.
  • pr0to reply This video was a nice treat to return to after my months of being gone. Good to see voices speak out against degeneracy. Props my dude.
  • Audentia_D reply I'm Australian, I don't live there, not for a long time, It is just not the Australia i knew. I stream Australian radio at times, just to get tunes from home, while listening just before Christmas their was the usual "news" breaks, On the news, the news, they started promoting that parents should be buying their boys "barbie" dolls for Christmas, as part of "Gender neutral" December, what the hell. What the hell is "Gender neutral". I have no problem if someone is "gay" or if they are "trans" but leave the kids alone, let them grow up normal. There are only 2 genders, male and female. I'm not young, been around for awhile, but i have never seen such a awful large scale division within society that these movements are creating. I see no equality at all in the delusional attitudes these leftist groups are pushing, "what the hell is wrong with people today"...........
  • scottMontgomery reply The "p" is not being added in to LGBTQ - over my dead body - I'm gay and we've never allowed pedos in to our parade or politics in any way. LGBTQ people are not affiliated or in favor of pedos. I'm not happy about pedos wanting to normalize their way of being. I'm fighting it.
  • Mediaman reply Great Video. As as a parent of a 5th grader and 7th grader this is scary stuff.
  • QuazzVids reply Hey man, good to hear you're feeling better.
  • c_arnold03 reply I don't think it's solely a matter of the consequences of "handing the keys over". Truth be told, none of us were ever allowed to drive the car, so our active participation was never part of the legacy media establishments formula. Our exodus following the arrival of digital and internet based technologies was to be expected as we figured out how to drive our own cars. If anything, the current situation is more tied to the simple fact that few people 35 and under in advanced countries consume legacy media programming on legacy platforms. Those of us who do consume media at all are doing it on digital platforms that enable everyone to have near total control of what they're exposed to. Youtube, dailymotion, vid.me, "social" media, video games, web-comics, independent news services, and the various streamcast sites out there allow creators of content to directly reach and engage with the audience.
  • [ – ] soothsayer reply She later became the first female mass murderer, a true inspiration to feminists all over the world...
    • [ – ] CuneiformHub parent reply There are plenty of female mass murderers, check out Elizabeth Báthory, Aug. 7, 1560-Aug. 21, 1614. Killed around 650 people.
      • soothsayer parent reply I was being facetious, and you're right. I didn't figure historical accuracy necessary to make the joke effective.
  • GrimmTale reply When deviancy is embraced = we have lost ...for now. Because of the Leftist/Feminist-Cult's brow-beating, public-shaming (via name-calling), DEMAND for love, acceptance, admiration, and an overall twisting of society norms - we have slipped-into a deviant pervasive society, and didn't even blink an eye. This Megaphone-Cult is able to claim "mob-rule" even though a resounding percentage of the masses reject deviancy, and this has been accomplished via social-media (the megaphone). We now live in an age where the most insignificant groups of deviancy, are able to push their narrative LOUDLY - even though they are still insignificant. The illusion they are HUGE and relevant is accepted, and from fear of public-shaming, people blindly follow-along in their deviancy. Ironically, social-media has destroyed social perspectives.
  • pokematic reply I make a review series of the mick, and the "transgender" thing was just Micky (the guardian) forcing Ben (the boy) to be "transgender" to get him into a girls only pre-school. It was so bad I refused to review the episode because of how political it is.
  • JadeJicama reply Another thought I had recently: Back when 'Gay marriage' was a big issue, wasn't the common response/argument against it, "Next you'll be telling me we should let pedophiles marry!" when it wasn't 'marrying dogs'...?
  • ElZappo reply They shouldn't ban, but instead read Kant. :) Kant was great. Think for yourself, be true to yourself. Great man that made me question alot of things being taught at school. Kant would cry if he could see the world nowadays.
  • NewHampshireBound reply Marxism. It's a ghost. It penetrates everything. All leftists must be destroyed. That's the only answer.
  • frankyzee reply Great video!
  • maximemoring reply You and Sargon of Akkad should do something together. Also, that fambloyant voice was amazing.
  • TheDeathAgenda reply LGBTQP - it's what the elite cabal have been trying to do to us since at least 1917. Probably further back than that. I say don't push back....pick them up and overthrow them! I never thought I would, but sometimes, lately, I pray they'll all just die horrible, painful, deaths. Those, and all who follow them. What a horrible thing to say about another human being...or reptile.
  • 1JohnKelso reply Me and many others have said for decades that once the gays get their way the pedophiles will be next. the gays called us liars and swore this pedophile thing would never happen, (they also said they would never want to get married back in the 70's) now ta-da, they lied we were right look what we have now. peds wanting legitimacy. This I believe is where the line will be drawn and people will not mind going to jail for open attacks against this movement, whether they are peaceful or not. I am just saying I see this coming!
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