The History Of YouTube (CLASSIC YOUTUBE) #SupportGreatContent

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  • [ – ] Erollisi_Marr reply ...No, it will not "start over", you completely skipped over YouTube debates somehow (not to mention gaming videos!), which started long before Rickroll with Xtianity and is still going on, and it will not "stop", debate is something that has been going on for thousands of years, is vitally important right now with the anti-speech idiots, and can not ever "get old" since topics are infinite. Also "random stuff videos", including animals or people falling down etc., did not "get old" but rather no sane/intelligent person ever watched them in the first place, other then animal videos which are only watched less often now because other videos also exist, mainly due to the fact that Internet capacity and functionality allows it to be easy to watch and host videos of longer then 2 minutes.
    • BenjiJames parent reply Woah... Just settle down there, dude lol Gaming is NOW a huge of YouTube (peaking over the past 3-4 years - with YouTube Gaming only becoming a 'thing' just recently), but it's always been MORE SO apart of Twitch/HitBox/etc. I'm not going to go into the extreme details of each thing you pointed out, mainly due to the fact that this was a minor run through to get through to the mainstream audiences who DO watch animals/fails/trailers/makeup tutorials/etc type videos... this video isn't intended for the hardcore YouTube audience. Instead, i hope it to be more of an introduction to newcomers of these platforms. Believe it or not, there's still a good chunk of the world that doesn't know people watch others game or react to things on YouTube, let alone, realize there is an ACTUAL series of shows on YouTube that have been made with an actual budget, with actual intent to entertain and not just have it be uploaded to get viral. But nevertheless, cheers for the feedback, dude.
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