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  • 512markdd reply "Look at those balls going up and down" lmao. Dude how many times did you say "fucking balls"?
  • Rawman reply lol when you had the dancing toy! the faces you made trying to balance it. screw this game its too much. id prefer mario or something haha.
  • LegendGary323 reply "this song doesnt help" so there was suppose to be game sound lol
  • MariaTheGerman reply "Okay... we got this... FUCK" hahahah for this dumb ass game you're playing you kept your cool man!! hahah I am impressed I would've raged soooo badly!!! "fucking balls...couldn't they have been sticks or something" looool OMG when you are processing that mammoth of a level!! hahaha your face is priceless
  • DookisWatching reply i honestly tried playing this game just right now and gonna break another keyboard playing it. I like to keep my sanity please xD
  • [ – ] Branbert reply Why you copying me though?
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