Why We Don't Hear From 4Kids Anymore

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  • ThomasSilvey reply 4kids was the worst company of all time and of business history... They are only good due to Pokemon and in some cases Yu-Gi-Oh and when I heard they were bankrupt I was at first shocked but when I went to a FB group that deals with the YGO TCG, one of the members showed me how censored the show was... And damn it was bad. Good riddance... May you forever be in the grave of businesses past.
  • [ – ] ThatsEon reply 4kids will forever live in my mind with the pirate rap, sure it was bad, but an enjoyable bad.
  • MrMemeKing reply 4kids. Holy shit talk about a nostalgia bitch slap to the damn face.
  • mindofklink reply Never knew 4Kids rebranded to 4Licensing. This video is a good historical look at a controversial company. Well done on the video!
  • murkyhydra reply Me me big boy
  • pokematic reply Yay, a video on 4kids. 4kids One Piece comparison videos where my first youtube videos I sought out, and this reminds me of my glory days. Subbed.
  • Brosquad12 reply 4kids did terrible so glad there gone
  • Envy-Noson reply Die monster, you don't belong in this world!
  • Ghawk reply I think another major downfall was the lack of new shows to a younger audience. When the kids who grew up watching 4kids from the late 90's till the early 00's were moving on, they had to scramble to find new shows to put on to keep a new generation of viewers. Those shows were just so half ass and the block started going down in the mid 00's.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply To be fair, their take on TMNT was surprisingly good and both Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman were more involved; and they did a better job at utilizing Veronica Taylor, Lisa Ortiz, Ted Lewis, Jimmy Zoppi, Dan Green, Stan Hart, Eric Stuart, etc. unlike another New York City based dubbing comapny, Central Park Media.
  • KaiserSpass reply good old 4kids, I still can remember when I watched the subtitled version of one piece for the first time so much better than the censored version
  • octopusievideos reply I remember when I was a kid in the 00s I always saw commercials for 4kids but i always watched Jetix
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