MUNICH! | Motorsport Manager #03 | Let's Play Motorsport Manager

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  • [ – ] LowBudgetGaming reply Hi, I wanted to ask you what your impressions are of this game. I have been thinking about picking this up. This is heavily discounted on steam right now during the sales(66%). Is not having official names a hindrance or is it barely noticeable.
    • [ – ] Smithy1294 parent reply expand (possible spam) If you got the money 100% pick it up, having a lot of fun playing this! The names are not even noticeable really, you make your own rivalries when you're wheel-to-wheel with someone on the track! Have a couple of private saves and have already racked up a lot of hours. It's ~£8 for me and it 1000% has 50hours of play and more! :D
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