✈️#911Truth Part 1: Introduction, Dr. Judy Wood, & #FreeEnergy

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  • matheasysolutions reply View my video notes on Steemit: https://steemit.com/technology/@mes/video-notes-911truth-part-1-introduction-dr-judy-wood-and-freeenergy #GetOnSteem
  • matheasysolutions reply Make sure to buy her book “Where Did The Towers Go?” through my Amazon Affiliate link: https://mes.fm/judywoodbook Also check out Dr. Judy Wood's videos and information at: https://drjudywood.com https://wheredidthetowersgo.com
  • matheasysolutions reply In #911Truth Part 1 I give an introduction into my new video series, and why it will alter our perception of reality and what we think is possible… #FreeEnergy
  • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace reply I listened for 2 minutes & that was enough. I was working in NYC on Sept 11, 2001 & can tell you for a fact that the buildings didn't "turn to dust". I had previously worked in the towers during the summer of 2001 & can explain that the floor plan is very spacious. That might help you to understand that there wasn't as much mass to the structure as you might think. Add into the "where did the buildings disappear to" question the fact that there were many sub levels & that all the weight crushed itself into those lower levels. But since you like conspiracy theories here's 1 for you to mull over. Anytime you looked out the windows to view the street below you would see that the traffic around the towers was approximately 80℅ cabs. When the vehicles were removed from the site & taken to the old great kills dump in Staten island to be held, why weren't any cabs there? That I know from 1st hand experience as I and a friend went to see for ourselves. We were only there for 15-20 before...more men in suits with guns drawn approached us and asked most impolitely why we were there. We explained & asked about the cabs. They in turn asked did we rather leave or get locked up, so we left. Instead of wasting your time pondering how could buildings turn to dust, why not do something more useful with your life like find Bigfoot or capture an (extraterrestrial) alien.
    • [ – ] matheasysolutions parent reply ..... wow. "crushed into itself"... next time think before you start typing.
      • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace parent reply Lmao at your lack of reading comprehension. What you have in parenthesis is not what I had written, perhaps you could have someone read it to correctly. As you actually believe that buildings are made from dust, you must be another one of those useless eaters who has to be medicated. With that said, ask your care giver to read my reply as it is beyond your comprehension. You might not find Bigfoot wherever they have you warehoused, but you can always hope for an alien abduction. So have a good night & don't forget your meds.
        • matheasysolutions parent reply .... wow what a hate-filled troll. I simplified your quote. Let's try again: ..... wow "weight crushed itself into those lower levels".... etc. etc.
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