Where did I go? What is my vlogging future?

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  • [ – ] Bobtoronto reply Yeah I have anxiety disorders that I sometimes talk about, or allude to, in my videos. For this reason I've sometimes had a difficult time making my YouTube or, now, Vidme 'commitments'. I think the best solution is not to tie yourself down too much to a schedule and make a blog when you are in that place. This is Vidme. It's a good group. They understand. Keep up the good work!
    • scottwebb parent reply I hear that Bob! It's so tough when it completely shuts you down for many days. It was always tough for jobs and why I fully believe I'm unemployable. I struggle with strict schedules and work best based on energy. I could have a slow day and then the next day do 3x as much work. Thanks for the positive words here. I have to agree that Vidme is a good group.
  • [ – ] alishaweis reply Also love the time lapse of your creations!!! So cool!
    • scottwebb parent reply Thanks! I am happy I captured some of them! I am redoing a couple tomorrow and will be sure to get each of them. Maybe I'll be able to create a cool overview with it all afterwards.
  • [ – ] alishaweis reply You are such a strong person by being so open about what you are going through, it's not easy to talk about! You are helping to end the stigma. Keep on working and staying positive. You got this!
    • scottwebb parent reply Totally inspired by Micheal Landsberg and Sick Not Weak. He is able to vlog even on his very troubling days.
  • [ – ] BreakingDames reply Fair play, opening up like that takes a lot! You have a follower here :D
    • scottwebb parent reply Thanks so much! Opening up is scary because of the stigma that exists still. But it needed to be mentioned as it's a driver for my pineapple project that I have to explain here soon. Thank for following too 🍍
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Hey, thanks for pushing through the resistance to vlog this! I have had many troubling times with depression. It sucks! Vlogging can be very therapeutic because you get to share your feelings with others, and for me that was always the hardest part. So good job doing that! Today my wife and I had a "therapy" session with each other. We could have done it alone but we inspire each other. What we did is this: She started and I gave her permission to name someone who has really hurt her and to pretend that they were in the room and to really tell them out loud what she thought and felt about them and what they did. She did this and at one point she was saying how much she hated this person. I told her to say that again and louder, then again and louder. She really got into it. We both did the exercise, bringing up various people from our past who had hurt us the most. This may sound silly and useless. But we have realized that one of our biggest problems in life is that we feel unable t...moreo communicate "negative" feelings out loud, because that would make us feel like bad people. For years we have taken abuse by people who didn't care or were just really flawed and we swallowed the painful emotions of hurt, anger, rage, sadness, etc. Doing that eventually creates feelings of worthlessness, depression, powerlessness, anxiety, imbalance, fear and stuckness in moving forward with life. Finally having a say, even though the person is not physically present is awesome! It doesn't clear everything all in one session or one day, but the furniture inside starts to move. We are our own biggest blocks in life. It's not what happened in the past that is the problem. It is how we dealt with it. And if we haven't dealt with these traumas, the book doesn't get closed and the energy of them won't go away. I know this is long, but I see your pain. Meds can be lifesavers and help. But they won't free the trapped emotions that can cause so much ongoing damage. When I find something valuable to me, I like to share. I hope this helps in some way. We've done several sessions and we can feel the healing happening. The cool thing is that the mind treats it as real, even though the people aren't physically present. I wish you well with all that you do!
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