Timelapse Oil Painting - Purple Jellyfish

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  • [ – ] Original-Artworkks reply I would love to see a full tutorial.
    • scenesbycolleen parent reply I'd like to do some tutorials too; it's just a matter of time, which I'm always short on. I plan to start doing them this year though, once I get a little time and the courage to voice over my work ;)
  • [ – ] Original-Artworkks reply Sweet.......love this video. At the end you could have thrown stars and made it a Space Jellyfish. Nice work.
    • [ – ] scenesbycolleen parent reply haha, I've definitely thought of making a space jellyfish! I have a jellyfish painting that does look a bit like it's in space ;)
      • [ – ] Original-Artworkks parent reply Space Painting is my favorite but I do like all types of art. Your color stacking style is very similar to mine and in fact you are the only other artist I have seen that creates in an abstract fashion then brings clarity to it with exception of Michael Lang on youtube. vey well done and you are an amazing Artist. I will continue watching what you do because we really do learn by example and effort. thank you for sharing your work:)
        • scenesbycolleen parent reply I love space painting too; I paint a bunch of mini paintings on wood blocks for art-o-mat that are all space-themed. Since they're so small (about 2x3") and I do so many of them, I'm able to experiment with a lot more ideas. Also thank you very much! I'm trying to paint a little more loosely at first to focus on color and general form and then keep building in color/shape/detail. Sometimes it works better than other times, but I like working that way because sometimes weird and fun things happen :)
      • scenesbycolleen parent reply https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/95/a8/b6/95a8b6f782f42f3ab72e375f200f94ec.jpg
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