NieR Automata Sales Have Surpased 1 Million Units

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  • [ – ] DunsparceDiglet reply For a game like Nier Automata I don't think we can attribute 1 million units in sales to a financial success let a lone a sequel. That seems too low. Wait another month or two when it's sales start showing signs of stability then we can reexamine the claim. This is mostly based off of the Tomb Raider reboot being seen as a failure of expectation after 3.4 million units were sold (which I guess isn't a clear sign of financial failure) and that Nier's probably a bigger game that costed more than the Reboot.
    • Skipx parent reply Within the confines of the Drakengard/Nier series no game has single-handedly sold over one million copies. Therefore it wouldn't make sense for the game to warrant having a big budget in the first place (that's why there is no dlc). So using the knowledge I already have about the series I'm definitely sure this warrants a continuation of the series or at least an HD collection.
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