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    If you subscribe to me the best perk you will receive Is a real time chat. With this feature. You can talk to me at any given moment of the week just to say hi, or fill me in on some ideas you have on how to improve the channel. It also helps just in case I miss your comments. The second perk you will get is a subscriber badge indicating your ranking right next to other vidizens. You will be the first person ranked to comment on any of my videos with the new highlighted comments feature. Also, you will be listed as a thank you in the description. This is important because if viewers want to view your channel they can click on it in the description feed, giving you decent amount of exposure for any content you create. I will never make my content exclusive to just subscribers. Everything you receive here on this page is free even when you follow me. My plans for other perks is to do free giveaways such as t-shirts and other merchandise to those fans who really love my content. If you do, then this subscription button definitely is for you! Go ahead it's only a click away! ;)

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