How Have I Never Played This??? - Resident Evil 4 - Part 1

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  • [ – ] ASH7912 reply This is one of the best Resident Evil games I've ever played! 3 was really good too.:)
    • [ – ] Jawee52 parent reply I have 3 on my dreamcast :D Sadly I cannot record my dreamcast, but maybe some day! I got this game on sale just a little while back. So I decided to do a lets play on it :) I also got 5 and 6, let me know if I should do them afterwards! OH and thanks for watching :)
      • ASH7912 parent reply Oh yeah and if you wanted to record 3 there's always emulators, If you do i would use the PlayStation 1 version it looks the best.
      • [ – ] ASH7912 parent reply Yeah i would do 5 and 6 and then you can do a lets play on the new Resident Evil that's coming out, It's pretty good i played the demo.
        • [ – ] Jawee52 parent reply Sweet. I wanna play the resident evil hd remake too :P I'm just kinda bad at these games but hey some people enjoy watching people be bad at games right? XD
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