Black Supremacist Racist Hates White People for Some reason......

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  • [ – ] Ndoki reply HA HA HA. Wow, that guy isn't a black supremacist, he's a lulcow supremacist.
    • Ndoki parent reply "Any of us can be legally executed for melanin" Case. In. Point. What a moron.
  • isaneinthemembrane reply Sorry about the rant but I was born white into a working class family and believe me you got fuck all. Being a white male automatically puts us at a disadvantage before all females and yes even below the ethnic minorities. I worked and have been on welfare. I choose to work and will do so if I possibly can, so these race stirring fools really burn my head out.
  • isaneinthemembrane reply LOOK NIGGA I AM WHITE AND I I I I I me me me me got were I am toady. No mummy and daddy money, you racists twat!
  • Aaronshy reply So according to Tariq.....we all are white supremacists. And I thought the guy that called me racist for looking out the window behind him was bad......this just reminds me of that. Just reminds me how quick people are to judge. But standing up against racism in all forms including racism towards white people is a good thing. Still wonder how that guy at the library that called me racist would've thought if I told him I had some Mexican in me but seeing Tariq there I think it really wouldn't matter.
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