Phil Spencer Comments On Story Driven Games

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  • [ – ] TZReviews reply I am the same way I play a game for the story, I like Overwatch and a few games like that but the ones with stories are the ones I constantly come back to are the ones with the best stories.
    • theouterhaven parent reply Exactly. I play games that have a good story. Sure, mindless action games are fine, but games that give us characters we love or hate, new worlds and lore are fantastic and games we can always go back to. If MS forgoes this, they are in for a world of hurt.
    • TZReviews parent reply wanted to also put on here, I came over from youtube and I had started out there as a gaming channel but gaming channels are so saturated as you said on there, so I stopped gaming on there, now that I moved over here I am starting to make more gaming cause the community here seems to be really good with gaming.
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