The Great ANTIFA Embarrassment

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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply The music accompaniment was so perfect for this. Lol Thanks for posting this! It really made my day.
  • [ – ] MrOneTwo reply For me, the winner is Peppered chair thrower at -1:01
  • [ – ] Minister_Peaceful_Poet reply This is so stupid. To fight for or against Trump is stupid. As I posted on my facebook: "To all you Trump haters: To all you Trump lovers: Trump can't do anything, he's just a front man, it's over, the deep state is going to take us down." If we were smart and not led like cattle, we would all be fighting the deep state, the ones who killed Kennedy.
    • MaitreMarkScully parent reply I mostly agree, but antifa are the biggest joke in the whole morass of hate/violence/political correctness/lies/fake news. They deserve a beating.
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