The Long Dark Stalker Mode - 1

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  • nikikinz reply lol, was going to ask about the aversion to the soda and saw a comment on another video and got the answer. Noble reason, I applaud you sir!
  • [ – ] nikikinz reply Looking forward to following your travels in ML on Vidme. You didn't check the middle trailer thoroughly btw. Keep warm!
    • LMGPlays parent reply Hey Nikikinz, thanks sorry for late reply Still figuring out the vidme format it's like first day at a new school. Will check that trailer for sure most likely 3rd video though. New video up today.
  • [ – ] otlup reply nice to see you playing stalker.....oh the loot!
  • [ – ] Juan_Martin_Amarilla2 reply LMG you missed a plastic container in the trailer you are currently in
  • [ – ] michaelyork777 reply I have meant to ask for a while, maybe you know, are the maps based on a real life places, or is this all conceived by the artists
    • LMGPlays parent reply Their actually is a Mystery Lake though I don't remember where exactly will have to look it up but the Hinterland team spent time out there a viewer did go out there it is very similar.
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