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  • [ – ] userXVI reply I think Illigal's in the US are the main reason why the growth is stagnent, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. I used to work for a large corporation and I saw countless Americans get replaced with illigals who would work for less and then before I got fed up and quit I started seeing Illigals taking massive pay cuts or being replaced with even cheeper illigal Labor. Mind You this was a company that put technology into US warships at the time I was working there. I think the people who run these types of corporations should be shot and their family's deported anywhere as long as they never come back. Politicians did not care, but we did in 2016.
    • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply You kinda touched on something very important here which the yahoo in this vid didn't address... probably because he never bothered to learn about it, which is the fact that minorities don't always come with the same social benefits as "the majority" does. Ie- immigrants, be they legal or illegal, are often on work visas and are not citizens. They absolutely need work, ANY work just to survive. They work for low pay out of desperation. And the ceos and bean counters of big business know this and they take advantage of it. Happens everywhere in the world. Happens here in NZ. These people working out of desperation often have the same SKILLS and EXPERIENCE as locals, but they take the low paid work because they need it. And then people who don't understand the entirety of the situation make videos like this guy, preaching the "hard work" ethos. "let the market rule itself". Why, because he doesn't care about those people working out of desperation. I doubt he even knows about them. Th...moreis guy obviously never went overseas and had to take low paying work on a work visa just so he could stay there.
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