Who Killed Vincent Chin (1987)

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  • leannrk21 reply I can't believe this story. I saw it for the first time on ID (Investigation Discovery). Ronald Eben's is a pom-pas ass. Not once did he say he was sorry for what happened, all he continued to do was blame Vincent Chin. Then to complain about his "accommodations" while he was in jail...poor him. Then to keep saying it was an "accident". What a bunch of crap. If it was an accident he wouldn't have continued to give Vincent blows to the head, he wouldn't have hunted him down like an animal and he would have tried to get him help. Both him and his step-son literally got away with murder. I just can't believe they only got three years probation and a whole whopping fine of $3000.00. Is that the price Vincent's life was worth. Ronald's attitude through the whole thing was like he was the victim. I don't know, another situation where the courts get things wrong. I know this was a long time ago but I pray for the family of Vincent Chin.
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