An irishman plays Pokemon leafgreen part 2

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  • [ – ] RAGEfit reply Brings back so many memories. Got me in the feels breh
    • [ – ] Rorycar98 parent reply I should call it a nostalgia playthrough really sadly I gotta wait till next week to upload again cause of the 1gb limit
      • [ – ] RAGEfit parent reply Yeah man... It was a pain at first, I got verified though so the upload limit was removed, not entirely sure why they do that
        • [ – ] Rorycar98 parent reply I'm hoping to get verified because I'd like to be able to upload consistently
          • [ – ] RAGEfit parent reply Have you applied man?!
            • [ – ] Rorycar98 parent reply I have the criteria met but is there anything else I must do to actually apply
              • RAGEfit parent reply Yeah! when the thing pops up saying you've reached your limit, there should be a link to apply to get verified. It's just a short little form asking about your types of videos and other video channels on the web
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