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  • SizeMatters reply The food at Food is waaaaay better than the food at food, IMO
  • Conor reply Quite amusing.
  • Protege reply Communists go to hell
  • Deutschland reply Capitalism is great
  • simpletonnn reply are you kidding? Food is for fat dumbasses. food is much better.
  • PoliticalHistory reply And you are featured again!
  • Mondmann reply Democratic socialism is the best form of government possible, as evident when you look at Norway, Denmark, etc.. It is basically a well thought out balance between Socialism and Capitalism. Basically, there are many social programs that help people not become poor or living out on the streets, universal healthcare, tuition free higher education/college, strong minimum wages and high average pay for people, a great public transportation system, etc.. However, on the flip side, the government does not intrude upon people's rights, their ability to create and run their own businesses etc. how it usually is with standard Socialism. The downsides to a system where nobody really falls through the cracks of society, is that the rich cannot be SUPER RICH. The wealthy owe a debt to the less fortunate in a sense, by paying high taxes. The taxes are also somewhat high for the middle class, too, but not as much. But since people are paid extremely well in social democracies like Denmark and Norway...more, the taxes on your average person isn't bad. And in the end, compared to an oligarchy like the United States where the richest of the rich control everything, you don't get fucked over by private insurance companies overcharging for healthcare, corporations cannot influence the politicians to let the wealthy avoid paying their taxes, etc.. Overall they have a very clean and uncorruptable system. Sure the people give a lot in taxes, but the government SERVES THEM with that money by creating high quality social programs like the ones I have stated.
  • sandia_mesa_mlh reply This is fucking hilarious, man!
  • bellyflop reply Go blow your brains out you commie fuck
  • bat-burgalr reply Ow my ears, also I have done a face reveal
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