200 FOLLOWER THANK YOU | Reading Your Comments #4

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Congratulations! You're such a fun and awesome person and I expect you to hit 300 sooner than you think.
  • [ – ] Voxgizer reply Congrats on 200 followers! You deserve it for being such a positive force in the community! :)
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Thank you everyone! I seriously was not expecting 200 Followers so soon! Hope you all enjoy another installment of Reading Your Comments! (These are seriously my favorite!) Thank you all, you amazing cool kids!! <3
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Congrats!!!! Welcome to the 200 Club!!! Yeah, I need that corner guy's number, if you will, please lol Yay!! Does that mean I count too? Lol I never feel alone while on your channel. You always have nice things to say :) I'm watching on my tv via my Xbox one lol Thank you so much for featuring my comment!!
    • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes parent reply Thank you for the warm welcome, @MarzieMalfoy! I am really happy you're here and it warms my heart to hear that you enjoy my stuff. Also...I'm on the TV? Eeep....yeah....no pressure. But you probably don't need to see all my pores.
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Congrats on getting 200 followers, surprised it took so long :P Good idea to use my comment to answer that question I asked.
  • [ – ] MarioKarter1400 reply Awesome job on 200 followers! You definitely deserved it! :D
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Hey, Calibri, it's always a pleasure stopping by your channel! You know how to make the experience fun. Congratulations on reaching 200 followers! That number will just keep climbing. You put out a great vibe! Thanks for featuring my comment on the big screen!
    • Calibri_Funtimes parent reply Hi friend! Thank you for your kind words and your continuous support--I love seeing your comments!! I hope I can continue to bring positive vibes as often as I possibly can! Thank you, @Flying_Purple_Pizzas
  • [ – ] ShootsAndChatters reply New to the site, but glad to see we can celebrate these milestones as a community. Congrats!
    • Calibri_Funtimes parent reply WELCOME!! I'm so happy you're discovering @VidMe. This is a truly unique and wonderful community. Thank you for stopping by, @ShootsAndChatters (also, awesome channel name, BTW). Feel free to connect with me if you ever need to ask any questions!
  • [ – ] KayToons reply It's awesome you got 200! Congratulations! I'm so glad you're growing so much, you definitely deserve it! You're always so positive, and that positivity is why I love watching you so much! Also I can't wait for the Fandom talks series! (if you're still looking for people to be on there I have a great game I'd like to nerd to x) )
    • Calibri_Funtimes parent reply Awwww you're so sweeeeet @KayToons!! I promise Fandom Talk will come back after a few weeks...I need to get through a few more weeks of class and then I'm FREE!! Right now I only have one episode recorded so...yeah, I'll be looking for new guests! PASS IT ON!!
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply congrats on 200!! Your positivity is what drew me to you and your channel. You handle the Random Creators with care, you know that there is a person behind the channel. You said it perfectly <3
    • Calibri_Funtimes parent reply That's really nice of you to say--actually your comment got stuck in my head and I was really humbled by it--I hope that I bring a sassy-classy to my Random Creator videos. Thank you for your kind words and constant support, @AmandaFood!
  • [ – ] Cl0mar reply Congrats on 200 followers!!
  • [ – ] DGTLONE reply Great video big congrats on the 200 followers and happy belated Birthday. : )
  • [ – ] Torok0420 reply Happy Birthday !!!
  • [ – ] SilentJo reply Congrats on 200 followers, and I'm very honored for the mention! I have no idea when I'll get around to beginning to make videos (I at least got the project videos on my computer, so yay for making the first step!) but I definitely have more motivation than I had before. Best wishes for even more success for your channel, school, and life in general!
    • Calibri_Funtimes parent reply YAY!! You're amazing! I believe in you! Just keep being yourself! I'm so proud of you already! Thank you for the encouraging words, @SilentJo!!
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Congratulations on reaching over 200 followers you really truly deserve it. Keep on striving love.
    • Calibri_Funtimes parent reply I have no plans on stopping anytime soon--I'm just slowing down for school. A few more weeks, though, and I'll be back on track! Thank you for your kind words, @MrATAndreiThomas!!
  • [ – ] DouglasESL reply Keep rocking!!!
  • [ – ] MysticSword reply Wonderful! Congratz Calibri. :) You're an inspiration. You deserve it. Ok, keep up the good work and keep on growing.
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply congrats
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply No doubt about this milestone. Truly Deserved!!
  • AxxL_Afriku reply yeah yeah congrats
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