Digitals Rants on VidmeTo staff and Creators ( Just My opinion )

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  • [ – ] AsKaGangsta reply great video. I agree. Once ads come to vidme more Youtubers will join. It's a good thing i believe but unfortunately a lot of small creators will loose motivation..
    • [ – ] DGTLONE parent reply Very true we just need to stay strong cause the influx of people from it will trickle down to other creators . We just need to have our content ready. TY so much for watching and the comment means a'lot Peace DGTLONE
  • [ – ] MysticSword reply We all have room to keep improving. We should all try to focus on the positive and keep on keeping on. Cheers! :)
    • [ – ] DGTLONE parent reply So very true bro as you can hear i need a'lot of help in the speaking department lol. I get a little nerved up when speaking to a'lot of people funny thing is i don't get that way when i'm game playing . TY so much for checking the video out and Have a great weekend. Peace DGTLONE
      • [ – ] MysticSword parent reply No worries. I think you did fine and got out what you wanted to say. I can relate though as I sometimes struggle with depression & social anxiety and can feel I'm not so good at speaking or expressing myself. But that's also one of the reasons I got into making vids, as to make videos I need to try to be in a positive frame of mind, it helps me to come out of my shell and can help build my confidence. If you keep at it, in due time it becomes easier and it will feel more natural. Try to imagine you're talking to a friend when doing your commentary. Best wishes. :)
  • DGTLONE reply And before i get slammed i know i don't have a great speaking voice was nervous as hell doing this rant lol.
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