Epic Session for Miloš Obilić

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  • BarbaricGentleman reply Glad to find you on here! I also have recently joined this site, hoping to avoid the mass censorship happening within youtube nowadays. Also, glad to see you've been making training videos again! the political talk is always good, but sometimes some high-test training is just what we find ourselves needing.
  • [ – ] Aurelian reply @Jackoc Hey man, did you send that via my main mail, the classical tunes? I miss many messages so I thought to double check :)!
  • Jackoc reply Hey man, if you ever need some original music for videos or an intro of sorts message me! i sent you a song i made for you a while back! hope all is well!
  • Aurelian reply Maxime Solemn - Reckoning
  • Seitanist reply what´s that epic soundtrack?
  • Lilly612 reply I am a simple Serb, I see Miloš Obilić, I upvote :)
  • the_book_of_no_answers reply i`ve been subscribed to you on youtube for almost two years now, and i have become pretty joocey (if i might ad), but thats besides the point. i am now looking into beginning to upload videos on my own channel, primaraly on vidme. so i was just curious as to what kind of editing-program you use?
  • Wyrdin418 reply Good stuff! :) Inspirational and positive. "Train your body and train your mind" is the way. More martial arts vids please! Do you do other than muay thai?
  • Manne reply Wow, mirin those kicks!!
  • Arrav reply Typical classic Latsbrah content right here! Highly testosteronous!
  • Arrav reply Glorious! I, a valiant legionnaire have come to this platform to support you even further.
  • illyrianlion reply Got your back across all platforms Golden One. So stoked to see a training video... just got back from the gym and was closing out my session while watching. Fantastic thank you
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