Don't feed the raccoons!

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  • georgeanton reply What kind of rats are these? An Open Letter to Ivanka Trump from Michael Moore: Your Dad is not well Courtesy of
  • ChrisGilliam1 reply Thin them out. That's too many to have around. I grind them into burger, or toss them in the crock pot. Tastes like pot roast. :)
  • Derek1st reply Nasty little trash pandas..
  • numberlessoats reply They may look cute now but they won't be so cute when they rip open your trash bags. Get in your out buildings, shit on EVERYTHING in your out buildings. Leave the most ungodly stink, Wake you up at 3 am fighting over who knows what, or begging for food then have babies, who in turn shit all over everything like their parents. We had one in our wood shed where I was storing my motorised bike and one shit all over it. I spent like an hour scrubbing it with comet and I still didn't get it all. It was caked on like cement and splattered in every crevasse. The thing must've had some real nasty diarrhea. Anyhow ever since I have hated the things. It also shit up in the boards overhead so when you try to take something out from there you get a face full of dry coon shit.
  • strikegently reply Why though? haha
  • hollyricker reply Hloracconshollyrickee
  • JustUrMagic8 reply Waaoowww...That's a lot of raccoons dude! Didn't know they congregated, even for food...
  • majideS reply Majide Setaish AS
  • StevoCanuck reply lol hilarious! they're so cute! love racoons :)
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