JUST ONE LIFE | Mega Man 2 - QuickMan Stage Challenge

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  • WillyMacShow reply Man you are a kick ass creator, you should do a JOL of Super Meat boy's 3rd world boss battle.
  • roshugaming reply A little close for comfort with those beams it seemed
  • NovemberJoy reply I honestly really like your vids. The "only one life" challenge is an interesting idea, although I've seen other people doing it, and you pull it off pretty well. If you're taking suggestions, the two AVGN Adventures games have very difficult final levels to go through...why not think about those? I'd say that their respective levels are at least as difficult as the TMNT Dam, if not harder.
  • RetroBit reply I really like the way you setup the story in your show. Great channel man! (Those Laser beams always drove me nutssss).
  • Unlistedleaf reply cool id keep up the good work!
  • DBFig reply @NovemberJoy Glad you enjoyed it. This episode is the newest in the series. I do take requests, and that's a solid one. I try to make each episode fun to watch first. Try to make it an underdog story. Haha
  • DBFig reply Thank you, for being awesome!
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