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  • Bobalooey reply Consider this. The one photo shows a number of supposed corpses evenly spaced out, all with white sheets placed over the supposed dead bodies. Ok, so let us give the benefit of the doubt that this event was real. Why was no attempt made to take them away for professional medical treatment ? Who presumed they were dead and assigned the white blankets ? Why are the corpses left there, anyway, if they were decalred dead by a legitimate authority? I think they covered the bodies for two reasons: the bodies are dummies and detail needed to be hidden. 2) The immediate message to the viewer is instant death.
  • Bobalooey reply The lack of CCTV footage says it all. If they released any such footage and the event was real, it would tend to strengthen the propaganda. If the event was faked, cctv footage would only undermine the hoax.
  • thechampkodi reply The area was one block blocked off and filled with crisis actors
  • thechampkodi reply The footage started at the Westminster hotel on the promenade from a balcony taken by Richard gutjahr married to a mossad agent, this is evident from the 4 pronged palm tree which can be checked on google maps with the one evident on the video of the truck, the truck ended at the casino Du Palais again checked on google maps with the photos of the shoot out. That's 200m not 2km
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