October Channel Update - The Brew Monks

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  • [ – ] MUMS-Universe reply Dudes, 1st off congrats on the Buon Vino sponsorship! That's pretty damn cool. 2nd of all, thank you for the shoutout 📢📣. Dang @TheBrewMonks, the VidmeFam is the greatest! 🍻 Cheers all around! #brewcrew Oh @LloydandJD, we got our bottles of Irn Bru in. Haven't opened them yet but will do so soon : )
    • [ – ] LloydandJD parent reply I have found a local source of Bru here. It has been fabulous!
      • MUMS-Universe parent reply Local source?! Dang on it, gonna need that. Sure we paid more in shipping than an actual case of the stuff would cost normally plus had to wait a week & a half for it. Lol
      • [ – ] FireRam parent reply @LoydandJD i hope it was proper Scottish Irn Bru you sent to the @MUMS-Universe made by from Girders!
        • [ – ] MUMS-Universe parent reply We hope so because that sounds awesome! Also, Woodrow had to lowkey look up the word Girders.
          • [ – ] FireRam parent reply lol Does it have an orange and blue label on the bottle and say Barr's on it somewhere with an orange man between the words Irn Bru and it should also say Original and Best
            • [ – ] MUMS-Universe parent reply Think it has all that does but most definitely gonna check when I get home now Lol
              • [ – ] FireRam parent reply cool cool! The Barrs Factory and Head offices are 5 mins from my house.
                • [ – ] MUMS-Universe parent reply Bottle checked and it's all good. 💯
                  • [ – ] LloydandJD parent reply Have you tasted yet? What do you think?
                    • FireRam parent reply @LloydandJD is one or both of you Scottish cos Irn Bru is the best selling drink in Scotland and ver outsells Coke- Cola
                    • [ – ] TheBrewMonks parent reply I'm jealous! :) please share your experience for the rest of the class! hahahaha
                    • MUMS-Universe parent reply Haven't tasted it yet. Waiting for @TiberiusJones to get back from traveling then we'll pop the pops open. I really don't want to wait tho, that drink is callin my name. It's like "Hey Woodrow... Whatcha doing?" Then I'm like "Damn it bottle, leave me alone!" 🍶👀 It's all bad. 🙄
          • TheBrewMonks parent reply hahahaha Stealth look up :)
    • [ – ] TheBrewMonks parent reply Thanks @MUMS-Universe You guys are simply the greatest.. thanks for supporting us! #vidmefam #vidmelove #YOVO :)
  • [ – ] YungJ reply Very excited for your up coming videos for this month! Congrats on the possible partnership too! 🐼🤘🏼 Also thanks for the shoutout #cheers 🍻
  • [ – ] TheBrewMonks reply @MUMS-Universe @YungJ thanks guys! (oh and TOTALLY a coincidence that @Psyclone shouted you out as well!!!! haha
  • [ – ] iJimUK reply Dude, huge congrats on the Buon Vino sponsorship, as far as I know you guys could be the first @Vidme channel to get a sponsorship deal, could be wrong though
    • TheBrewMonks parent reply Thanks iJim! Yeah we were very excited about it ourselves! Having a known company stand behind us like that is an awesome feeling!
  • [ – ] FireRam reply Fab update Bro congrats on the sponsorship thats an amazing feat!
  • [ – ] GloriousTrainWreckMom reply Congrats. You guys are amazing and it's great to see someone else sees it too.
    • TheBrewMonks parent reply Awww shoot!!! <blush> Thank you GloriousTrainWreckMom! I bet you say that to all the mysterious masked monks ;) -
  • [ – ] TiberiusJones reply 👍
  • [ – ] TiberiusJones reply Thanks for the shout out. And it's pretty cool that you want to watch us play video games. Congratulations keep up the good work.
    • TheBrewMonks parent reply Thanks man! I seriously cannot wait to see you guys slam some gaming videos :) lol I'll be tuning in! :)
  • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy reply Sponsors? You corporate sell outs.....JUST KIDDING GUYS congrats
  • [ – ] SilentGamer reply Greatness are coming and I can't wait!!! Amazing my good friend :D and nice shout-out :D
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