New! Images From Inside Las Vegas Shooter’s Hotel Room (Graphic)

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply So much evidence that there was more than one shooter and the main stream media still won't even address any of the video's that bring into question the BS of the Main Stream Media like CNN. I'm sure they could find any number of video's of the 4th floor shooter with gun flashes coming from there. They found video of the suspected shooter slipping and falling in a casino from 2011 yet there isn't any video of him gambling or hauling in all the weapons. Who rented out the suite on the 4th floor where are the pictures of the person that should also be a suspect from the 4th floor. The main stream media like to keep congratulating the police investigation, the official BS yet NO one except the alternative media wants to draw attention to the evidence that says there was NO flashes from the 32nd floor yet there was from the 4th floor.
  • Star_Wars6collector reply multiple shooters 4th floor
  • Star_Wars6collector reply looks like there was more then one shooter and more facts are coming in,
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