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  • Hoplopfheil reply I guess you can't call it "Behind the Laughter," because there isn't any laughter.
  • [ – ] lionheart361 reply Not going to lie, Interested to see what Metokur has to say on some of the other creators. I find myself liking content from Angry Joe, i think the CinemaSnob is also on channel awesome and I watch them on a semi-regular basis. Not going to "fanboy" and defend them against critism just sort of curious.
    • [ – ] ryanator008 parent reply I used to like Angry Joe, but eventually I started really hating him. This was around 2013 or so. He just came off as whiny and unprofessional. He knew barely anything about the things he was reviewing. He just seemed like somebody who got rich off of sheer luck and let it get to his head. I believe at one point he made a video where he got really worked up over Bayonetta 2 being exclusive to the Wii U. I think he actually cried about it, it was so strange.
      • lionheart361 parent reply Well, he really get upsets over game sequels that move from multi-console to a singular one, He made similar comments over Tomb raider games in the past. And to be fair, I can understand that one, especially when its a move to only nintendo which have been dicks to Youtubers. The one that got me confused is when he went to a video game rewards show, tried to play reporter and got totally destoryed by jeff keeley. It embrassed him and he came back later owning it say "yeah I wanted to go their and represent my fans but I was nervous and didn't quite know what i was doing".
    • Liberatus parent reply Yeah both of them seem to be almost their own thing. AJ almost doesn't seem like he is apart of them anymore and while CinemaSnob is, he is so different that he just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the content. I met CS at a con once and he seems like a cool dude, I wish he would go off on his own away from Channel Awesome.
  • [ – ] PowerKegGreg reply Interesting video! My guess is Irate Gamer will be covered in one of these episode. The history with him and AVGN was such a big thing back in the day.
    • [ – ] Sheggy6 parent reply That would require him to be a part of channel awesome, which I don't remember occuring, nor was he ever affiliated with the TGWTG crew. So don't get your hopes up.
      • [ – ] PowerKegGreg parent reply Oh its just about people from Channel Awesome? I must of missed that part, I was under the impression it was going to be content creators from 2006 YouTube. Then never mind!
        • Sheggy6 parent reply Metokur did a stream way back in 2016 on Youtube where he was discussing that he has some extra juicy and confirmed dirt on somebody from the Channel Awesome crew (I believe it's about Linkara?) and he stays on the position that no one else has the info he has. Jim (Metokur) has been off on for years, and his TGWTG series is a fabled myth become reality basically, I remember back in 2013 when he first discussed about making a TGWTG video.
  • [ – ] Capt_Nemo reply Vegas is taking bets on who will be the next personality. Your odds: Nostalgia Chick: 3 to 1 Linkara: 2 to 1 Angry Joe: 5 to 1 Spoony: 100 to 1 (Chances he'll be the 8th video: 2 to 1) Film Brain: 1,000,000 to 1
    • blindfire parent reply He did mention "forkey" at the end where he thanked his patreon supporters, so it might well be Spoony
    • [ – ] L4oftheWEST parent reply For some reason Spoony seem more likely
      • [ – ] Capt_Nemo parent reply Spoony feels more like grand finale territory. His story feels like the perfect capper to any retrospective about that site. Better to feel out the audience with stories about the other personalities and their antics rather than to give up the most interesting out of the gate.
        • [ – ] L4oftheWEST parent reply Is he the most interesting? I mean we don't really know what caused his fall from greatness we just have speculation. and anyways wan't that joke at the end of the episode a reference to what spoony brother did? ah i'm probable wrong, but might as well makes the conversation happen.
    • [ – ] Sofox parent reply Why such low odds on Film Brain? Is he just not that dramatic in real life?
      • Capt_Nemo parent reply For all I know, he lives a life that would put Lindsey Lohan to shame. If he has, then he's made the smart move to not let it play out in the public eye. But from all outward appereances, he's milk. The only criticism I've seen are complaints about has rather overly textured voice. Someone once spliced together his voice all hitting the same note and I swear I couldn't get the noise out of my head for a week.
    • rZn_ parent reply It's spoony #Juanbutnotforgotten
  • Liberatus reply I used to love these guys man and used to watch everything they made but slowly fell out of them after these events. So far it seems like you are hitting the nail on the head and I can't wait until ep 2!
  • IndigoGaming reply Used to love his videos back in the day. The occasional green screen, photo-manipulation or live action sketch was fun and it helped make his content more transformational, but after Channel Awesome happened, it's all about long-running plots, recurring characters and a sometimes incredibly unfunny supporting cast. I barely flinch when I see his latest vids.
  • RPGenius reply I used to watch Nostalgia Critic like an addict, but then I noticed a downfall when he got more obnoxious than Family Guy with the dragged out skits that are about as funny as watching someone die. I still check out his new stuff occasionally since I noticed he kind of toned down the skits, but I just skip over any skits anyways.
  • mathphysicsnerd reply I've never given a shit about or watched any of the people involved with TGWTG but any video of Jimbo showing off some delicious internet cancer is better than no video. Also, hey, I got the extra bonus of pissing off any wandering OCD dipshit with the placement of my name, nice.
  • theyellowtub reply Maybe the Adpocalypse is a good thing. The fact that untalented people such as Doug and the others were able to make a living off ads is incredible.
  • PorkCow reply A counterpoint: Jon Jafari left his most popular show behind, Game Grumps, to return to what he was best at, Jontron, and I was ecstatic when it happened. Sometimes clicks on a video isn't the best barometer for quality. (Watch his Goosebumps reviews and Takeshi's Challenge and call me a liar.)
  • Sheggy6 reply Great video as always Jim.
  • bigduck112 reply he had to change ways because his vids got removed 1 by 1
  • bigduck112 reply best youtuber to me
  • [ – ] JadeJicama reply What really bugs me about Doug especially is, ever since he tried to kill off the Nostalgia Critic, he has been pushing it even harder on both Youtube AND, now I can kind of understand, since the popularity of a video is what gets it on the trending list, but I keep seeing him pop up and my entire thought is: Don't you have a WEBSITE to post your videos on?
  • CrystariumNet reply This is some great shit man. Im kind of doing a similar analysis type of thing on my page with final fantasy. But im so glad I found this. You got a follow from me, keep up the awesome work.
  • PrincepsComitatus reply Angry Joe was part of that group?
  • CringeGuy reply I like the new nostalgia critic episodes better though.
  • ProjectJ reply You can't talk about TGWTG history without talking about Angry Joe or Spoony. My guess is probably Spoony is next.
  • ToughFly reply Kinda a sad tale really.
  • Tai_Moya reply Really good video, followed!
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