Banned by the Israelis from having my say on YouTube

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  • [ – ] RonRay68 reply Truth is their enemy, them fighting it is a good sign.
    • Hoaxashian parent reply i am sick of being persecuted by the chosen people , i will re upload the video that was banned but easily available on YouTube
  • [ – ] crazykracker reply Hoaxashian I was wondering what was going on, your YouTube channel kept saying no content available. Thought it may have been one of the Israeli cloned channels. Glad to know I can find your vids here.You do a good job, that's why you get harassed so much. Keep up the good work man.👍
    • Hoaxashian parent reply i can be found here and here Kim Hoaxashian channel was removed by Israeli censorship teams with the loss of 2500 shortly after the EU referendum result was declared . anti troll is not allowed to upload . Israel continues to increases its censorship
  • [ – ] Professor_Plum reply I'm starting to understand 'antisemitism' now. A lot of it comes from the annoyance of being expected to think that some people's opinions and feelings are especially privileged.
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